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In the year 1977 Mr. Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Bin Nahidh and his son Mr. Abdullah Abdul Aziz Bin Nahidh in AL-Dawadmi city of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, started their venture as Home Appliance, Building Materials Hardware and whole seller. Our main focus was to meet the ever-increasing demand for building materials in Saudi Arabia. Since inception, the company founders insisted on quality and as a result the company soon acquired a solid reputation for its products and became the largest importer of building materials.

Today Alboayz has not only grown but also spread his steam to various cities and towns of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to spread trade capacity right from Al-Dawadmi to the capital city of Riyadh, and then to Jeddah, Medinah, Dammam, Buraidah and Khamis Musheyat. With the dynamic leadership of Mr. Abdullah Alboayz and his workface we have a very good presence in the regional markets as we have our showroom in the key city of Riyadh & Jeddah. We will be opening more showrooms in various cities of Kingdom.


We are not only expert inn building materials, we are the only importer of various other products such as French Gypsum Materials, Sprit Level, Sisal Fiber, and Cutting & Grinding Disc.

We at AL Boayz Trading Company have the experience, skill, and resources to tackle the most challenging clients’ needs under the most demanding schedule. Our on time delivery on budget performance, management savvy, engineering know-how, innovation and unrivaled dedication, are but few reasons why AL Boayz Trading Company standout as the leader in the market.


Throughout the years, AL Boayz Trading Company has lasting relationships with clients, distributors and retailers throughout Saudi Arabia. We believe that such association enhances the capability of the company in providing outstanding quality services and top range products procurement. 


Today we are not only the largest importer of Building Materials, but we have our own petro chemical factory and we are leading manufactures of wire mesh. We hope you will have a delightful experience dealing with us. A quality company built by quality people. Our people have always been the source of our strength. In addition to training and professional development, as we always empower our workforce to seize the responsibility for customer satisfaction, and grow personally and professionally.


Best Regards


Abdullah Bin Nahidh

General Manager  

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