Runner (C-Channel)

The metal framing members of the ceiling grid are called main ceiling channel. Main ceiling channel is hung from above by suspension hanger.


They run between the wall angles and form the support system for the suspended ceiling.



Studs are vertical profiles inserted into the RUNNERS; bearing profiles of the partition; used for fixing of partition covering (Gypsum Boards).


Omega Channel

OMEGA channel: also known as cross furring. They run perpendicular to the main ceiling channel and are connected to it with a wire connection clip.


Furring channels are used to support the ceiling panel (Gypsum Board)


Wall Angle

This “L“ shaped moldings form the perimeter of ceiling. They ensure a finished edge where the ceiling meets the wall and establish the level of ceiling.


Perimeter angles are set on all sides of the ceiling and should overlap on inside corners- Miter the wall angle on outside corners.


Wire Clip

Clips are made of galvanized wire and used to attach Metal Furring Channels & in Drop Ceiling Assemblies. Clips must be installed on alternating sides of the 1-1/2" channels.


Sisal Fibre 

Fibre is extracted by a process known as decorations, where leaves are crushed and beaten by a rotating wheel set with blunt knives, so that only fibres remain, the leaves are transported to a central decortications plant, where water is used to wash away the waste parts of the leaf.


The fibre is then dried, brushed and baled for export Proper drying is important as fibre quality depends largely on moisture content. Artificial drying has been found to result in generally better grades of fibre than sun drying, but is not feasible in the developing countries where sisal is produced.


UG Grade, 100 Kg Bale

Gypsum Powder 

Plaster Surfin is a fine plaster produced from high purity natural gypsum. Plaster casring is indicated for moudling works needing short setting time Confirms to EN13279 -1 building plasters standard.

Plaster surfin must be stored in its original shrink wrapped palets; single bags must be stored avoiding direct contact with the ground, protected from water contamination. It is recommended to use the product within 6 months from the manufacture date indicated on the bag. It is recommended to use a mixing machine equipped with a vacuum system, whenever it is critical to obtain plaster slurry free of bubbles.


Plaster Surfin: S 52.

25 KG & 40 KG Bag

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