Decoration Material

Chipping Hammer

The hammer used to scrape slag from a cooled weld bead. The chipping hammer is also sometimes called a scaling hammer. 


Weight: 500 gram

Dia: 53 cm, outer, & 18 cm inner

Height: 23.5 cm

Machinist Hammer

Machinist pattern hammers are made with hickory handles. Machinist Pattern hammers feature a square beveled face and angular cross pein (with P102 and P202 hammers) or in the case of the P301 hammers a straight pein. They are made to DIN standards 1041 and 1042.


Weight: 500 gram, 750 gram

1000 gram, 1500 gram, 2000 gram

Hand Saw

In woodworking and carpentry, hand saws, also known as “panel saws”, “fish saws”, are used to cut pieces of wood into different shapes. This is usually done in order to join the pieces together and create a wooden object.


They usually operate by having a series of sharp points of some substance that is harder than the wood being cut.Handsaws have been around for thousands of years.



Paint Brush

A brush is a tool with bristles, wire or other filaments, used for cleaning, grooming hair, make up, painting, surface finishing and for many other purposes. It is one of the most basic and versatile tools known to mankind, and the average household may contain several dozen varieties.


It generally consists of a handle or block to which filaments are affixed either parallel- or perpendicular-wise, depending on the way the brush is to be gripped during use. The material of both the block and bristles or filaments is chosen to withstand hazards of its application, such as corrosive chemicals, heat or abrasion.


Size: 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, 4”

Paint Roller

The paint roller typically consists of two parts: a “roller frame,” and a “roller cover.” The roller cover absorbs the paint and transfers it to the painted surface, the roller frame attaches to the roller cover. A painter holds the roller by the handle section. The roller frame is reusable. It is possible to clean and reuse a roller cover, but it is also typically disposed of after use.

The roller cover is a cylindrical core with a pile fabric covering secured to the cylindrical core. Foam rubber rollers are also produced. There are both foam and fabric rollers that are individually available (without a handle), made to replace worn out rollers, once an old roller is removed the new roller can be fitted onto the handle section for use. 


12" to 18" -Used for painting extra large areas; i.e.. Warehouse walls, ceilings, floors. The most economical time saver.